Bene AG representing in RK via Tramax Ltd. 


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Bene AG representing in RK via Tramax Ltd. 


“V-time Object Office” Ltd. the authorized partner of Bene AG in RK and CA



“V-time Object Office” Ltd. was established in December 2011 in order to provide proper legal basis for business operations in Kazakhstan and Central Asia for the leading European producer of office furniture and partitions. Ms. Olga Voronova is its sole founder.


The team has experience in office space projects since 2008 as before December 2011 we had operated under “umbrella” of our business partner in Kazakhstan. We began in the difficult times of financial crisis, without showroom and with the most expensive product at the market. Despite these conditions, we doubled the turnover each year and reached about 4 million Euros in 2012.


We have the complete staff of professionals:

5 Project Managers (one in Astana)

2 designers / CAD planners

2 back-office specialists / logistics

1 head fitter and team of trained fitters

4 support employees

We have 150 m2 and 120 m2 showrooms in the center of the city.


Our targeted business is complete solutions for office space, especially for high-end and huge projects. We provide our clients with complete range of services:

Planning / Zoning

Interior Design

Office furniture

Office Partitions



Post-sales services


We realized many projects around Kazakhstan and some in Central Asia. Among our clients are: big local and international banks, oil & gas companies, pharmaceutical companies, trainings and international auditing companies. Three huge projects were realized, last year: 5 stores building for the leading local bank, 7 stores building for the state copper exploitation company in Almaty and 10 stores building in Astana.


We have good relations with leading local and international architects and designers as well as other partner companies and the last but not the least – WE LOVE WHAT WE ARE DOING.